We landed 500am local time and we are ready to explore and enjoy Iceland!

Before leaving the airport, we took some of the advice we had read, and bought local beverages at the duty free shop.

We got to the car rental, only to have been given a free upgrade, always appreciated and it’s a brand new vehicle. We spent some time today learning how to start the car and how to lock it. It took us too long to figure out both of these things.

Our first stop was a gas station to get our mobile internet. I was pleasantly surprised to see Paprika Pringles. Oh how I have missed them since Budapest.

We drove to the harbour in Reykjavik and parked our car. We saw the very impressive sun voyager Solfar. It looks ship but actually is dream machine, inspired by a vision the artist had about a past life experience.

We spent most of our morning exploring Reykjavik. We saw the French hospital, many sculptures and statues throughout this capitol city. We enjoyed walking through mid town and the harbour. We even saw the Coast Guard.

We walked to Hallgrimskirkja, the Lutheran Church. It is beautiful. One could only imagine how splendid the organs sound.

We had a great brunch at Laundromat Cafe.  Re energiezed after filling our stomachs we continued our Reykjavik tour.

We saw City Hall, there were lots of swans, ducks and geese enjoying the pond area. We also walked by the Parliament building, however both are closed today because it is Saturday.

We stumbled upon the flea market on our way back to the harbour. A neat experience – lots of stuff from volcanic rock jewelry to garbage pail kids trading cards.

Reykjavik is a beautiful city with a backdrop of mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.

Now off to Akranes where have arranged to stay at an Airbnb. Our travels from Reykjavik to Akranes involves going under a fjord – this was a 6km tunnel.

Our first stop was the lighthouses. The lighthouse keeper was a very friendly man. He was telling us how likes to have concerts in the lighthouses because of the acoustics. We climbed to the top and what a view! When we returned to bottom of the lighthouse he had a Canadian rock for us to take our picture with.

We continued our tour with a visit to a ship wreck at the Akranes Folk Museum. It was interesting to see all the boats and ships.

Langisandur Beach was our next stop. It is 1km long sandy beach. Watching the ocean waves hit against the rocks, continues to be one of my favourite things to witness in nature. We met a man who told us about a smaller waterfall to see. We passed on it for tonight, as it was getting dark – maybe tomorrow.

It has been a long day of travelling and touring around. Our fitbits are quite impressed with all our walking today. We decided to go to a grocery store and grab some food for supper. With the groceries we bought and snacks we brought we did not need to worry about going hungry. We went back to our Airbnb to eat our supper. We all tried skyr and really enjoyed it. Skyr has been in Iceland for over 1000 years and like it’s slogan says it is a low fat dairy delight. The coconut, mixed berry and chocolate flavours were all delicious.

It has been a long day but we are out again and on the hunt for the Northern Lights. We packed some snacks and headed out, parking by the lighthouse. While waiting Alethea saw a shooting star!

The Northern Lights danced for us – what a spectacular sight! Wow!!