We woke up today, excited to be going to Vancouver. Left North Bay around 11:30, drove to Barrie – quick stop at Henry’s and late lunch / early supper at Lonestar.

We arrived at Pearson 3 hours early, even though it is a domestic flight with on going strike we wanted to make sure everything went smoothly.

We were unable to check in online with Sunwing as the website said it was being repaired and should be ready by end of July, it is early August but guess they are still working on it. 

Sunwing had a very large line – I’m sure due to the lack of online check in. 

At security, I helped an older lady who didn’t speak English. Put her carry on, on the cart and tried to show her how security worked. After I got her back, she tapped my shoulder and thanked me. I continued to point her in the right direction to her gate. While I did grab my stuff, didn’t look too carefully – hours later I realized I left my Fitbit zip at security when I emptied my pockets. So no step accumulation for me. I’ll have to use Jess’ as a judge.

We get to our gate and there is an announcement that our plane was delayed leaving Vegas so there will be a short delay. After many games of Heads Up the short delay of two hours was over and we are ready to board our plane.

Instantly boarding the plane the heat hit you like a wall, and it wasn’t just me, everyone boarding commented on how hot and stuffy it was. We got to our seats, took off my sweater and made sure the air vent was on. Very little room temperature air blowing, I assumed once the plane got moving the air would be cool. I was wrong.

Our plane took off, heat continued, babies crying and adults fanning themselves with magazines. We were flying for a short time when the captain made a “prepare for rapid descent” announcement. Umm what?? I know how to prepare for water landing but think we missed the rapid descent safety training. Silence, well almost a lady near the back was yelling. After what seemed like forever, I’m sure it wasn’t, the captain made another announcement “it is now safe to remove your oxygen masks.” Again what? There were no oxygen masks!! There was laughter on the plane. Some people are now laughing about how hot and smelly our plane is. I am trying to breathe and stay calm.

Again after some time the captain makes another announcement there is a problem with some of the readings and he is waiting to hear from the company what to do. I have an idea – land this plane! After circling for some time another annoucement we will be returning to Pearson. I can’t wait to get off this plane. 

As we are circling you can see the fire trucks waiting for us. I’m not impressed. Another announcement from the captain we will need to be “inspected by the firefighters” before we can taxi to the gate. We land – it was fast and hard and we are safe, sweltering from the heat but safe. We pass inspection and are going to taxi back to gate. Once back at the gate, we are told to stay in our seats as there is an ongoing medical emergency on the flight and ems needs to board first. At this point I am so hot, sweat is dripping off my face. Babies continue to cry because of the heat, one mother commented if her infant and the others (all of whom have stripped down to their diapers) don’t get off the plane soon there will be more than one medical emergency. I have to agree with her. 

Before we got off the plane another announcement that we are to go to gate B26 and will be boarding another plane. Mass exodus off the plane, the air conditioned airport is glorious. While time seemed to stop on the plane, we were on the plane for 2 hours

Many of us stop for a bathroom (wipe the sweat off) break, refill water bottles and wait for our new plane. Well after one hour, there is an annoucement at the gate. While they understand we are frustrated, so are they and to understand it has been a long day for them. Really??!! I do believe you have been in this air conditioned airport the whole time. Also there are no refunds or anything at this time but you can leave the airport. What??  And that we are waiting for another flight crew to arrive but no eta. Also that we will have a new plane. Was that ever in question??

It’s 1:48am and we have an update. We are going to get a $15 food voucher. So that makes everything ok. There is actually laughter at the gate from this announcement. Also a $75 travel voucher for our next Sunwing flight. Everyone around me has agreed this will be our last Sunwing flight. 

$15 food voucher and only Tim Horton’s opened, great for this non coffee drinker. I waited in line thinking I could get something else – by the time it was my turn the plane was boarding. Not even cold water bottles left. People are buying dozens of muffins and donuts and passing them around. 

We finally board the much cooler plane. They have to do a manual head count. The lady beside me with broken English asks she she can move to one of the empty seats with her husband, they deny this request. 

We finally arrive in Vancouver at 5am, we were supposed to be here at 10pm. Needless to say I am not impressed, this will be my last flight with Sunwing. 

I am happy to be in Vancouver!