We began our morning with a nice walk around Victoria and a great brunch at 

Enjoying the beauty of Victoria we continued our walk to the inner harbour. Today, we are doing a whale watching / Butchart gardens tour through Prince of Whales tours. 

We board and large boat and head out to find whales. We are very glad to have our wind breakers on, it is very windy way out. Our whale watching is successful, there are six orcas who are travelling together. Magnificent creatures!

After enjoying the whales in their natural environment, the boat continues towards Butchart gardens.  We pass by a small island that is a bird sanctuary and has restricted access, only researchers are allowed. 

We also see a small island full of harbour seals.

Getting off the boat at Butchart Gardens, we see jellyfish in the water. 

Arriving at Butchart Gardens I am immediately amazed by it’s beauty especially when you remember it’s story. Butchart Gardens used to be a quarry! Robert Pim Butchard and his wife Jennie came to Vancouver Island because of the rich limestone deposits. They opened a cement plant and quarry near their home. When the limestone deposits dwindled, Jennie made plans to beautify the quarry and that she did! 

We walked through the Japanese gardens, sunken garden (amazing!!), concert lawn walk, rose garden (numerous varieties of stunning roses), Italian garden and Mediterranean gardens. All were stunning and I took a ton of pictures. I’ll share some here but think I’ll have to share most on instagram #flowerfriday.

What a wonderful day! We take the ferry back to Vancouver. And yes it is the same ferry that we took there with only 3 of the 4 engines working, adding another half hour to our ferry ride.

Victoria is a must see. Will have to return and see more of Vancouver Island.