Em's Travel Diary

I love travelling! I live in North Bay, Ontario, Canada and am always looking for places to travel and ways to have some fun adventures. This is my travel diary for my world wide adventures from North Bay and beyond, including travels through my family tree.


I love travelling! Travelling provides opportunities and experiences to learning more about our world. While travelling, I enjoy every moment, take advantage of opportunities and am grateful for all these experiences.

Inspired by my trip to Pier 21 in Halifax, I’ve decided to expand my current travel blog to include travels through our family tree. This will be a place to learn more about my family, share memories, stories, pictures and maybe even family recipes.

Follow me on Twitter @emstraveldiary for current travel experiences, thoughts, wonderings and blog updates.

Follow my Instagram account emstraveldiary to enjoy pictures from past adventures and places travelled as well current travels.

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