Our  Oregon road trip begins with two local Philomath bakery stops. I am not sure if there is a better way to start your day in Philomath than going to the Sunrise Bakery and then Nut Cakes. Sunrise Bakery has delicious fresh bread, it is only open on Sunday and worth the wait. Loved the cinnamon bread! Nut Cakes has so many mouth watering donut options – I highly recommend the chocolate bar.
I am quite excited to head out to Crater Lake, as Ben has told me about how breathtaking this view is – prepare to have your socks knocked off we are told. On our way up to Crater Lake (trivia tidbit – it is the deepest lake in the USA) we see a badger run across the road, some wildlife excitement. Unfortunately, as we drive up to Crater Lake the fog becomes more and more dense. We go to the lodge and this is our view.

Needless to say, our socks stayed on. We aren’t worried, tomorrow is going to be a clear day. We go to our room at Diamond Lake Resort and enjoy some games and growlers – who knew Monopoly deal was so fun.