Today we went to the Hungarian National Museum, which is right across from our apartment. We spent lots of time going through all twenty rooms and appreciating the history here. The exhibits ranged from the 11th century to the establishment and collapse of the communist regime 1945-1990. We saw so many priceless treasure:

  • Ceremonial robe worn by Hungarian Kings at their coronations (1031)
  • Armchair carved by Ferenc II Rakoczi in Rodosto (early 18th century)

ornamental mace of Franz Joseph I, 1868

sample set from first Hungarian bolt factory

Beethoven’s Broadwood piano

We did a Danube River cruise and wine tasting. While on the cruise we made friends with an American couple who just wrote the bar and two teachers from the UK. There were lots of laughs with our new friends. The cruise was 2.5 hours and  went by: Royal palace, citadel, Gellert Hotel and Bath, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, palace of Arts, “New” National Theatre and the Whale. There was traditional and authentic Hungarian Folk Orchestra (including world famous violinist Zsigmond Vidak. It was very entertaining and impressive to watch. The wine tasting was a great experience too.  One of the first things we all noticed was the amount of wine we were getting in each glass – much more than a wine tasting at home! The wines were from the 5 main wine regions in Hungary: Tokaj, Egrr, Matra, Neszmely and Szekszard. There were 2 whites, 2 reds, 1 rose (it was also carbonated which made for a refreshing drink) and 2 sweet wines (extremely sweet, one was a favourite of Louis XIV).

Another great experience in Budapest!