This morning we are leaving Akranes and our way to Snaefellsjoskull National Park.
Along the drive there were many beautiful sights – Icelandic horses, mountains and waterfalls.

We did a quick and impromptu stop at Skuggafoss waterfalls. When we arrived there was a couple from York. They became stuck on the off road. We tried to help them help out by pushing – but guess we didn’t have enough muscles – just joking they were very stuck in the mud. We did give them some help though – drove the husband to the closest town to get assistance. Well we have learned a lesson, stay on the roads. Now back to our day.

If today had a theme song it would be TLC’s Waterfalls. We actually lost count today, we saw over 30 though. Each waterfall was a delightful surprise for us and was spectacular.

Continuing our drive we stopped at a pull over to see what the plaque was about. It was Axlar Bjorn – Iceland’s most notorious serial killer.

We stopped at Malarrif. Which is the starting point for Snæfellsjökull National Park. Here the were giant rocks and spectacular views from the ocean cliffs. We also stopped at Gestastofa visitor centre and enjoyed the scenery here.

We spent some time driving through the quant town of Rif.

Our next stop was the town of Olafsvik. There is a large waterfall right in the town. We also had an interesting trip to the gas station – need to prepay at the pump but our Visas wouldn’t work. Thankfully MasterCard did. Another tourist told us only his debit card would work.

Grundarfjordur was the next place we visited. Wow! Every town we have been to so far is so picturesque. We went into the visitor center then got some groceries for tonight’s supper. We also spent quite a bit of time at the waterfalls here. The pictures do it no justice.

Our charming Airbnb for tonight is on a horse farm and has the Kirkjufell mountain as a backdrop. There is a lighthouse at the end of our road. A piece of paradise!

While the Northern Lights didn’t dance for us tonight, The night sky continues to entertain us. The full moon was huge and bright. We have seen shooting stars, and thanks to the Star Discovery app, we confirmed that various bright stars were actually the planets Saturn, Neptune and Mars.

It amazes me that this is only day 2. We are wonderstruck by Iceland.