We are going to continue our St. Andrews holiday by learning a bit more about this charming town.

Sheriff Andrews House is a provincial heritage place for its architecture, the history of the family, and for representing the region’s economic prosperity.  This museum is funded by the town and through donations. Elisha Andrews, who was high sheriff of Charlotte County built this home in 1820. His father was Reverend Samuel Andrews who became the owner of Minister’s Island in Passamaquoddy Bay. Through the guided tour we learned about the family, house and St. Andrews. As an added bonus at the end of the tour there is a homemade cookie waiting for you. 

Ross Memorial Museum is also funded by the town and accepts donations. Henry and Sarah Ross were world travellers and collectors. They had purchased this house with the intention of donating it to the town as a museum. They never lived in this house.

We continued touring down the street to the All Saints Church, it is the Anglican Church in St. Andrews. Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited this church in 1983. 

The Church has a plaque commentating it’s 100 year anniversary and has a flag that was used during the Great War. Lots of history here!

After our historical tours we returned to Pendlebury Lighthouse to search for more sea glass. It is very relaxing to walk along the water, listen to the waves and find treasures.

Working hard searching for sea glass means we earned a break – off to Katy’s cove. This is a beautiful little hideaway where you can completely relax, definitely a place to spend some more time.

I am excited about our dinner tonight. We are going to Kingsbrae Garden for Pump night, a special dinner live music sponsored by Pump House Brewery. The entire evening was delicious but I have to mention the AMAZING the dill pickle french fries. We are going to return tomorrow to tour the gardens. 

To end our night, we had another walk along the warf, always a wonderful sight!

Another fabulous day in St. Andrews.