My grandmother was a lovely gentle woman. I remember her as being happy and loving. She loved being outside in the sun, collecting seashells and crafting. I still treasure this seashell bunny she made me.

Ben and I were talking about Grandma during my recent trip east as many of the stores had beach crafts (made out of sand, seashells, sea glass). She would have loved walking along the beach, collecting sea glass and sea shells.  We fondly chatted about how much she would have enjoyed this.

Learning more about my grandmother has been most interesting.

Grandma was born June 27th, 1907 in Braintree Massachusetts. This was a surprise to me, as I had always thought she was born in Lake Placid. Here is a copy of Mary A Conn Birth which I located through Her family must have moved to Lake Placid shortly after, as her brother John was born in Lake Placid in 1909. This was confirmed by information from the 1920 census in NewYork.

An interesting note, I have been to Braintree many times and never realized I was in my grandmother’s hometown.

Grandma’s parents were Louis A Conn and Annie Sullivan. They were married on June 28th, 1905 in Boston, here is the pdf of the record Louis A Conn and Annie Sullivan marriage. This information was found on

While searching through records, I discovered that Grandma made numerous trips to Bermuda. Maybe not coincidentally but so did my Grandpa. Look for the upcoming blog about the Bermuda connection.

My Dad has one of Grandma’s old diaries, where she has written sporadically about things of interest to her. In future blogs, I will share the entries, more about her and her family.

Please share your favourite stories, memories and pictures of my Grandma, Mary Conn, in the comment section.