Today is our last day in St. Andrews and there is also a triathlon here. It was fun to sit outside  Ben’s and cheer on the participants along with several other bystanders, family members and store owners.

After cheering on the athletes, we return to Lumberjack Cafe to pick up sandwiches to go. I highly recommend trying the club with cranberry salsa. Our plan is to spend the afternoon at New River Beach Provincial Park.

The beach was wonderful. We had a great day relaxing, watching the tide move closer to us as the day went on and collecting more sea glass.

When we returned to St. Andrews we took our last walk along the wharf. I really enjoy the walk during low tide when the sea stars are visible.

We saved the Algonquin Resort for our last meal in St. Andrews.  The food was good. Unfortunately, they forgot to place Ben’s order (yes this happened to him twice on our trip) and his meal came when we had almost finished ours.

Before calling it a night we returned to Pendlebury lighthouse. The seven of us were all walking separately looking for sea glass and interesting shells, when a lady approached Mom. She asked what we were doing, apparently her son thought we looked like zombies! We left Pendlebury with more sea glass and a beautiful sunset glowing on the water.

St. Andrews by the Sea, you are charming! We will be back.