I have done some investigating regarding important dates and searching records. I am maximizing the two week trial on ancestory.ca.

I still have questions and mysteries I want to solve but I thought I would begin by sharing what I have so far and I realize this only tells part of the story. My plan is to do a blog on each person with more details.

Conn Family Tree

I have been able to trace back to some of my great great great grandparents.

Great Great Great Grandparents: Mary H Stevenes & John Stevenes, Jefferson Conn & Mariam Conn

Great Great Grandparents: Freeman Conn & Ellen R Stevenes, John Sullivan & Mary Darcy

Great Grandparents: Louis Conn & Annie Sullivan

Grandparents: Mary Conn & Frank de Jourdan

Freeman Conn was born in 1838 in New Hampshire. According to 1880 USA census he was a blacksmith. His parents were Jefferson and Mariam Conn. 1900 USA census

In 1863 Freeman married Ellen R Stevenes.  Ellen Stevens and Freeman Conn marriage

Mary H Stevenes and John Stevenes are Ellen’s parents. Ellen was born May 1842 in New Hampshire

Freeman and Ellen had three boys: Henry (1864), Dan (1877) and Louis (1877).

Louis Conn was born June 1877 in New Hampshire. According to the 1900 USA census he was living in Hyde Park, Norfolk Massachusetts. (Why the move?)

On June 28 1905 Louis married Annie Sullivan. Louis A Conn and Annie Sullivan marriage. Annie Sullivan was born in England in 1881 to John Sullivan and Mary Darcy.

In 1899 Annie immigrated to USA. Annie’s record of immigration She was 18 and working as a servant (I’m thinking Downton Abbey but probably not).

Louis and Annie Conn had two children Mary (my grandma) and John. Mary Agnes Conn, was born on June 27 1907 in Braintree Massachusetts. Mary A Conn Birth

The family then moved (When? Why?) to Lake Placid New York. John F Conn was born in Lake Placid December 15 1908. John enlisted and fought in WWII. John married Mary and had two children. I am extremely grateful that I have connected with his daughter, she is awesome!

Mary Conn married Frank de Jourdan. They had four boys and seven grandchildren. There are currently six great grandchildren that did not have the opportunity to meet these wonderful people.

This picture is Mary A Conn and her family visiting her brother John and his family in North Pole, New York. In the picture is: Mary de Jourdan and her four sons: John, Paul, David and Leo with John F Conn, his wife Mary and their children Mary and Mike.

I’m still investigating:

  • Great x4 Grandparents
  • Siblings of Great x3, Great x2 and Great Grandparents
  • Reasons for moves – New Hampshire to Braintree to Lake Placid
  • Deaths of Louis Conn and Annie Sullivan, I know that Annie was a widow.
  • The mystery about Bermuda – Annie and her adult children travelled to Bermuda a couple of times, I am thinking that Mary and John were working at a resort there.