Due to our chaotic day yesterday, today was a quiet one. We didn’t set any alarms, since in the last 24hours we had 3 hours sleep.

After sleeping in, we had a wonderful visit with my aunt, uncle, cousin & his girlfriend.

My aunt and uncle brought us to Stevenson. Steveston sits at the mouth of the Fraser River and once was the largest fishing port and cannery centre on the West Coast. The canneries are no longer in operation, but it is still home to the largest salmon run in North America and to the largest fleet of commercial fishing vessels on the BC coast. 

Along the dock there are some fish & chip places. My aunt and uncle tell us that Pajos is the best. I’d have to agree the halibut was delicious! Might need a repeat visit before we go home. 

After thoroughly enjoying our fish and chips we walked around the wharf and historic fishing village. 

We saw the Britannia Shipyard (cannery 1889-1917, shipyard 1918-1979) which are a National Historic Site. It is the oldest surviving structure in Stevenson and the oldest shipyard building in BC. 

Along our walk we say Chinese bunk house, that would sleep 100 men, I cannot imagine  how it certainly would not have been comfortably. There were also Japanese homes that people lived in before interment in 1942. This is the Murakami House. It was home to Otokichi and Asayo Murakami and their ten children from 1929 to their interment in 1942. This is truely a sad and dark piece of our Canadian history. 

What a wonderful day visiting family and enjoying Richmond!