I absolutely love to travel. 

My parents enjoy travelling and have shared this passion with my brother and I. Taking us on many road trips across Canada and throughout the USA. They have encouarged us to enjoy every moment, take advantage of every opportunity, learn as much as we can, and to make memories.

Ever since I was little my parents also encouraged me to keep a travel diary. Making sure,our memories would be lasting. The first travel diary I did was together with my mom on our after our trip to Florida. 

While on my trip to Oregon to visit my brother and his wife, I took out my travel diary to jot some notes from our fabulous day when Ellen said, “Em, you should do a travel blog then everyone can read about it.” My brother agreed, it’s also green using no paper. Immediately, I was excited! But then naming of the blog …. harder than one would think. Clever names already taken so after many days (too many to admit) I settled on Emstraveldiary. 

Good-bye traditional travel diary and hello to the beginning of my travel diary blog…

Travel Diary