The plan for today is low key. We do a bit of shopping (love getting groceries at Market of Choice) and relax by the pool and sauna at Ben and Ellen’s place. The plan for tonight is dinner at Sky High Brewing and some Geeks Who Drink trivia at Flat Tail Brewing

I have been very much looking forward to some fish tacos from Sky High (have actually been thinking about this restaurant for a year – the food is so delicious.) When we get the restaurant, Ben asks for a table for six and tells us two of his friends are joining us. We order our drinks, (I recommend the Dream On beer) and wait for Ben’s friends. He is giving us updates – just arrived in Corvallis, 10 minutes out … We devour the tater tots (also delicious). 

Then my mom makes this face and begins to cry a bit, I turn around to see my aunt and uncle from Smiths Falls, Ontario! Couldn’t believe my eyes. What a surprise!! They had been planning this surprise with my brother for about a week, such tricksters!  We enjoy a wonderful meal. 

Trivia time. On our way to Flat Tails, we find a piano on the street. Corvallis, what a great idea. We enjoy some music and then continue to trivia. Ben joins his friends for their team and do slightly better than us. How could we have missed Stevie Nicks??!!

We end the night at Squirrels Tavern. Good beer, atmosphere and a great place for my aunt the squirrel lover (the squirrel diorama was great.) The only disappointment was that they didn’t have any medium shirts, would have been a great souviner.