We are excited to bring my aunt and uncle to some of our favourite places around Corvallis. Our first destination is Mary’s Peak. It is the highest point in the Oregon Coastal Range at 4 097 feet. We drive to the park and hike to the top. Ranger Bob, points out different landmarks and mountains for us. It is a clear day and we can see the Three Sisters, Mount Hood, Mount Jefferson and Three Fingered Jack. What a site!

Views from top of Mary’s Peak

We return to Alsea Falls to share this site with my aunt and uncle. Even though we were just here a few days ago, it’s beauty has not been diminished.

Alsea Falls & Recreation Area

American Dream Pizza for lunch. We start with the delicious breadsticks and then have pizza. It’s also delicious and massive portions.

We continue to Oregon State University for a campus tour with Ben as our guide. We enjoy both the baseball and football fields. Go Beavers!

OSU campus fields

Our next is definitely one of my favourite places in Corvallis, Nectar Creek Meadry. I wish I could get this fantastic drink at home. Ben usually brings me a bottle home on his visits. It is such an amazing drink I can’t even describe how much I love it. My favourites this time are: starling (peach), cluster (strawberry & cranberry), brood (raspberry), waggle (wildflower) – let’s be honest it’s all my favourite.

We walk to Mazama Brewing tap room and try a couple of tasting flights of beer. Loved the Wizard Island Wit and not just because I loved Wizard Island in Crater Lake. It was a terrific beer, another one I wish was available at home.


We continue our walk and go to 2 Towns Cider House. I am a bit leery as I don’t consider myself much of a cider fan. Again we get some taster flights and then I discover Made Marion. It is superb! I guess I am a fan of cider after all.

2 Towns Cider – Made Marion on the far right

Our last stop tonight is for supper at Block 15 Brewery & Tap Room. The food is marvellous, enjoyed Gloria beer and view of Mary’s Peak. A perfect end to a wonderful day.

View from Block 15 brewery and tap room