It is a beautiful day for another Oregon road trip. We decide to visit Salem where the State Capitol Building is located. In 1855 there was a fire that destroyed the Capitol Building. Construction began in 1873 and was completed by 1876 for the new building. There was a second fire in 1935 and the third Capitol was built between 1936 and 1938. It is a very impressive building.

It houses the Senate, Governor’s Office and the House of Representatives.

After touring around the Capitol Building, we walk around outside enjoying the State Capitol State Park. There are stone plaques set into the sidewalks to give history and information. A really neat idea. IMG_4956

There are many beautiful sights at this park including: flags from every state and of the nine tribal governments in Oregon, the Moon tree (state heritage tree), rock from the Oregon trail, flowers and water fountains (unfortunately no water was flowing.)

It is time for lunch and we find a great place, Great Harvest Bread Company. The bread is made daily and the sandwiches are divine! We enjoy our lunch at the Riverfront Park. It is located on the Willamette River. Unfortunately, there is some construction so we cannot access the entire park. However, we are able to eat our lunch and enjoy the beauty of the river.

We return to Corvallis for our final night. We have a fantastic night at Block 15 Restaurant and Brewery. The supper, drinks & desserts are fabulous. Our waitress is friendly and wonderful. We had fun drawing on the tables with chalk, but the highlight had to be the shuffleboard game. We had a blast!!

To end our night,  we returned to Sky High Brewing. Again great drinks and atmosphere. I am going to miss Corvallis!