This morning is our last morning in Corvallis. We will be heading to Portland today as we are flying home early tomorrow. Which means, we have to say good-bye not only to beautiful Corvallis but to Ben and Ellen – not easy.

We enjoy our breakfast at Delicias Valley Cafe which has a unique selection of both Mexican and American breakfast options. The side of sweet potato tater tots are very tasty. After breakfast, it is the dreaded good-byes and then our trip to Portland.

I am very excited to return to Powell’s Books and to bring my dad here. I could easily spend a week in this place. It is the largest bookstore in the world! It has nine color-coded rooms and over 3 500 different sections. We spend plenty of time browsing through this fantasitc city of books.

No visit is complete without a stop at the Rare Book Room. There are early editions, unique finds and even some of Einstein’s writings.

Leaving Powell’s we walk take a tour of the Portland Food Trucks. I strongly recommend everyone do this. It is quite an experience – the variety of food, beverages and interesting names.

For supper we met up with Ellen and go to a floating restaurant. I am very intrigued by this whole concept. We enjoy a great evening at Island Cafe. The food, drinks, atmosphere, live band and service were fantastic.

A wonderful finale to our trip to our Oregon.