If you are a Game of Thrones (GOT) fan you must do the tour while on Dubrovnik. Seasons 2-6 of GOT have been filmed around Dubrovnik as well as other locations. Even if you haven’t watched GOT  I’d still recommend the tour it was a great way to explore more of Dubrovnik.

We did the GOT through Dubrovnik Walking Tours. Our guide was an extra and was able to provide inside perspective and information.

On the tour we went to Fort St Lawrence (Lovrjenac Fort). As you might remember yesterday we admired it from afar, today we walked up the 178 to explore this Fort. This Fort dates back to the 11th Century. The stair climb was well worth the view!

View from Fort St Lawrence
Fort St Lawrence

These are some of the more sights from the GOT tour:

After the GOT tour, we decided to visit the Franciscan Monastery. This is another spectacular place in Dubrovnik. It has beautiful cloister and pharmacy. The pharmacy is the world’s third oldest functioning pharmacy (1938).

After our tour through and around the Monastery we went to the Dubrovnik Cathedral and treasury. The church itself is an amazing site (no pictures allowed, you’ll have to visit.) We went into the treasury and my breath was taken away. This room houses all of Dubrovnik’s historical Catholic artefacts and 132 relics of Saints dating from the 11th-19th centuries.

After another hot day of touring around we went to enjoy Banje Beach again. We continue to be enjoy this beach: the water temperatue is perfect, music playing in the background, scenery is amazing (Old Town, Mount Srd, Lokrum Island, passing yachts), and as I have already mentioned the Adriatic Sea is incredibly blue and clear. We spend a couple of hours swimming / floating here.

We return to Old Town for supper and to enjoy some of the Summer festival. There is live music everywhere and street performers.

Some questions my friends / family have already been asking  about our Dubrovnik vacation:

  • How easy is it to get around?

It is easy to navigate – Old Town, Banje Beach, our apartment. Everything is in walking distance. The are lots of incline and stairs though (91 stairs from the street to our apartment)

some of the stairs to our apartment

The cobblestone is a bit slippery in Old Town but with half decent shows it isn’t an issue. You do need to watch where you are walking though as there are small trenches that the water used to run through. That being said people of all different abilities can be seen walking, climbing and wheeling everywhere.

  • How is it with the Language?

It is our experience that everyone speaks English. We were also greeted in English, all signs and menus also have English

  • How friendly are the locals?

Everyone was very friendly and helpful. They are very welcoming to tourists.

  • What is the temperature like?

It has been hot in the 30’C – 35’C range. The heat combined with all the walking / climbing ensures you will break a sweat even at 9am

Adriatic Sea temperature has been about 26’C.

  • How is the food?

Sea food is the main food here. There is also lots of Italian and a variety food (even saw a Mexican restaurant)

Desserts: ice cream – lots of different flavours, I even tried Mojito, creme caramel

Treats: great pasteries (enjoyed the apple streusel), salt stick (basically a pretzel stick)

  • Are we able to keep up with the Olympics

Old Town doesn’t have sports bars like North America. There are many clubs, pubs, wine bars, restaurants around. You can get drinks  and walk around or enjoy by the water. Some of the places are very small and have no indoor seating. One restaurant we saw has cushions on the steps so you can sit and enjoy food and / or a drink.

So we having been getting our Olympic updates from the Internet and apps.

  • Anything different we have noticed

We have noticed Old Town has a large number of pigeons (saw a little boy chasing one with a bread knife) and stray cats.

While it is difficult to find a recycling bin people reuse there water bottles by refilling them at the fountains. The locals do this too. We did this and yes the water is safe.

Dubrovnik is a great place to vacation, even celebrities are enjoying it here. U2 and Reese Witherspoon both have been spotted on yachts here.We saw one yacht so massive, it even had a  speed boat and helicopter.  Celebrities vacationing in Croatia!

If you have any questions about our experience in Dubrovnik, just ask.

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