This morning we are going to walk the City Walls. We have been admiring these walls since our arrival, now it is our time to view this beautiful city from a different perspective. One of the first things I notice is how hot it is at 9am! The walls are 1940 metres long and the view is amazing!
Here are just some of beautiful scenery (keep looking on my Instagram for more pictures)

After our very beautiful and hot walk we go on the boat to Lokrum Island. The history of this island dates back to 1023.

Lokrum Island

We enjoyed our day here doing:

  • Botanical Garden

  • Fort Royal – quite the climb (315 feet above sea level) to get here but definitely worth it! If you look closely and up, you can see Fort Royal (maybe I should have brought another camera lens with even more of a zoom)

  • The Big Water Reserve

  • Little Water Reserve

  • Skalica

  • Cross of Triton

  • Forest of Holm oak and pine tree
  • The Bay of Portoc
  • The gardens of Maximilian
  • The well of Charlotte

  • Rocks

  • Monastery

  • Peacocks – just walking around

  • The Dead Sea

We return to Dubrovnik and have supper in Old Town. Making the most of our last night we walk around taking in all the sights at night, enjoy Malvasja Wine Bar and some late night pasteries.

Tomorrow we will have breakfast in Old Town before we leave this beautiful place for Budapest.

I would highly recommend everyone to visit Dubrovnik.