Today we have planned an early morning – out of the Airbnb by 8am. There are still lots experiences waiting for us. We have all commented that the week is going by too fast and we are not all anxious to head back home tomorrow. Iceland is a place I could spend months and months.
Our first stop is to go back to Glacier Lagoon. On the way there is a Gavia immer just swimming in a pond. The wildlife we have seen has mostly been birds. We arrive at Glacier lagoon and it is just as spectacular in the dusk as it is during the day. There are not many people here In the morning. You can hike around the Lagoon, that will have to wait for my next visit as it takes approximately 5 hours. In many places the ice is crystal blue. Some of the glacier pieces are moving because of the tide. The wildlife is pretty quiet – some birds flying overhead and ducks enjoying the water. It is magnificent!! This is a definite must.

As we were leaving the Lagoon, I was laughing if this is all we did today it would be an awesome day. We are only beginning!! I love Iceland!!

We are going to hike to Svartifoss in Skaftafell National Park. Some of the Icelandic that we have pick up is that foss means waterfall. We drive along side Vatnajokull glacier (the largest glacier in Europe.) We are only seeing a part of it, yet it is enormous. We arrive at the park and begin the uphill hike. All the while stopping to look around and enjoy the enjoy, and shed some layers – it is another warm day today. Svartifoss is breathtaking.  The waterfall itself and the rock formations are interesting. Our early morning has paid off, because we are able to admire it while by ourselves. As we were leaving, more people where arriving. We leave exhilarated from the hike and incredibly happy for having this experience.

Our next stop is Vik. We have started playing a game in the car – is that a tourist or not a tourist. The tourists are easily spotted – jammed packed cars is the first giveaway.

The Black Sand beach at Vik is incredible. I have never seen a black sand beach and it is absolutely beautiful. The tide is low and the waves are not as high as yesterday. There is a ocean liner the is barely visible from the shore. This is another amazing sight. We spend some time on the rocks, sand, walking the beach and of course touching the ocean.
We continue our drive to Seljalandsfoss. As if the landscape isn’t stunning enough, a sun dog appears in the sky.

We had a quick stop at Seljalandsfoss yesterday so we already know how beautiful it is – it falls over a 65 meter old sea cliff. Typical Iceland fashion, it exceeds our expectations – today there is a rainbow! Before walking behind Seljalandfoss, we walk along the path and see numerous waterfalls. Back to the car to suit up – thanks to my aunt who gave us ponchos to bring, they came in handy!! Actually, as we were leaving we passed the ponchos on to a Russian couple who where very appreciative. I do not have the words to describe how amazing this experience was and the pictures don’t express the magnificence of it – just come to Iceland and enjoy these experiences!



We drive to Reykjavik, very satisfied with our day. On way to Reykjavik – going up hill for about 4km. The drive is never boring and not just because of the ups and downs, twists and turns but because the varied landscapes never gets old. There is always something to see out the window.

Tonight we are going out for a dinner. We find a restaurant, Scandinavian and try some Icelandic food. We have reindeer patte, lamb stew, lobster rolls, cheeseburger (they are delicious here! The lady at the table beside us – highly recommended it), some local Gull beer and their famous homemade ice cream. All of this was delicious!!!

As we leave the restaurant, we look up and see that aurora borealis is dancing for us again. We rush to the car and drive to a darker place to try to photograph and admire this phenomena again.