After 1878 km on the rental car, 10.67 GB used on our shared wifi device Trawire, 88 969 fitbit steps from Saturday morning to Thursday night (I am confident it is more – fitbits were not wore while snorkelling) it is time to travel home. We are not bored or tired of Iceland and are already talking about a return trip sometime.

We wish we had more adjectives to accurately and vividly describe what we saw and experienced.wordcloud
We are up early to see the sun rise. We want to make the most of every moment and are spending our morning at the Blue Lagoon.

At the Blue Lagoon, we were in the first group to arrive. While there are people in the Lagoon, it is not crowded, it is steaming and the sun is shining. The hot water feels splendid on our tired bodies and some stiff muscles. We enjoyed the swim up bar, the smoothies and raspberry ice were tasty & refreshing. The waterfall was a great masseuse.

We even did the silica mud mask. My first time with a mud mask and why not when in Iceland.

What a wonderful way to relax and say good bye to Iceland.

We head to the airport – return our car, go through security (quick and easy), grab some lunch, do some duty free shopping and board the bus to bring us to our plane.
On the plane, we take the opportunity to enjoy one last Skyr – blueberry this time and it is delicious.

We are leaving Iceland with many pictures, memories, mementos and even sunburns!