While Ben and Dad bonded over a haircut and shave, Mom and I began our day with a trip to the St. Andrews Farmers’ Market in market square. It has a good selection of crafts, food, produce and friendly vendors. We bought some strawberries, carrots, homemade nachos, mango salsa, bean salad, cucumber salad and New Brunswick cider to enjoy this evening.

We had already decided yesterday that Kingsbrae Garden would be a great place for lunch. The food last night was amazing plus I would like to see more of the gardens and the Alpacas. When we first started walking through the gardens we met four ladies on a golf cart, two were significantly older. We had a wonderful conversation with these ladies and learned that two were residents at the nearby nursing home and the other two ladies worked in the activity department at the nursing home. Kingsbrae garden provides a golf cart and free entry to the residents. Another reason to visit and support Kingsbrae garden!

During the lunch hour, they bring the alpacas to the main lawn and let them roam while people admire and take pictures. So we enjoyed another fantastic meal and some more live entertainment. The white alpaca was definitely my favourite!

The alpacas were not the only animals we saw, there were birds, rabbits, goats and peacocks too.

Kingsbrae Garden is a 27 acre site and has more than 2 500 different varieties of trees, shrubs and plants. There are numerous gardens including: white, knot & rose, perennial, bird & butterfly, scents & sensitivity, secret, therapy, peace and heath & heather. Since the flowers were beautifully abundent, I took a ton of pictures. Here are a few of my favourites. I am planning on joining on the instagram #flowerfriday to continue to showcase these beautiful flowers throughout the year.

There is a sculpture garden as well, some of the sculptures really make you think.

After enjoying the gardens, we decided to go back to the Pendlebury lighthouse, since it was low tide, and to search for some more sea glass. This has quickly become one of my favourite places and pastimes while on holidays. I’m beginning to think about what I will create with the sea glass. There are lots of possibilities: jewelry, art, just on display as memories.

We return to Ben and Ellen’s place for a BBQ. One thing about living on the Bay of Fundy sometimes the wind likes to blow out the BBQ. Regardless, we had a fantastic meal.

Our post supper activity tonight, is a walk in Pagan Point Nature Preserve. Pagan Point looks out onto Passamaquoddy Bay and provides an impressive view of the ocean. Our walk along beach was enjoyable: great company, beautiful view, interesting rocks, seashells and yes sea glass too.

On our return to Ben and Ellen’s place we saw more deer. There is no shortage of deer in St. Andrews.